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Boycott (World) Social Forum, the Safety Valve for Imperialism

Press Release

Boycott (World) Social Forum, the Safety Valve for Imperialism

Join the Democratic Struggles Led and Supported by the Revolutionary Forces

Call to the People and Genuine Democrats by Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)

Revolutionary Democratic Front calls upon the people and genuine democrats to boycott the (world) Social Forum, being held in Canada in August 2016 and all the related forums and preparatory meetings, etc. being conducted in different parts of the country including Hyderabad.

World Social Forum or Asia Social Forum is nothing but a safety valve to protect the crisis ridden Imperialist Camp. It is exactly a process of manufacturing dissent in a particular way with a view to confine all people’s struggles within the tolerable fold of the imperialist net.

The ideologues of TINA (There Is No Alternative) and end of history floated this social forum idea to hoodwink the people who are surging towards the revolutionary democratic struggles world over led by the Revolutionary Forces. It’s a NGO programme propped up by the imperialist forces. In this context we remind to the people and genuine democratic forces that similar attempts by Asia Social Forum in Hyderabad, the World Social Forum in Mumbai, and International four day seminar in Hotel Katriya, Hyderabad were boycotted and exposed by the revolutionary and genuine democratic forces earlier in India. MR-2004 (Mumbai Resistance Forum – 2004) was held in Mumbai exactly facing the World Social Forum premises to expose it second fiddling of Imperialist machinations. More than 300 organisations consisting of Adivasis, Dalits, Muslims, Women, Peasantry, Working class, Students, Youth, Writers, Artists, Intellectuals in co-ordination with anti- feudal, anti – imperialist, anti-Hindutva and revolutionary organisations participated and made it a grand success.

Revolutionary Democratic Front is formed in 2007 at all India level to propogate the democracy which the revolutionary movement alone can achieve through and United effort of revolutionary and genuine democratic forces.

Self-reliance, diversity and democracy are the hallmarks of self-rule, we see today under Janathana Sarkar in Dandakarnya.

Imperialist globlaisation, liberalisation and privatisation have reached a stage of fascism within 25 years. The so-called best democracies in the world UK, France and USA are stinking with communal and racist practices, particularly against Muslims, Blacks and non-Whites.

Taking advantage of this crisis in imperialist camp Islamic State is spreading like a false hope for Muslim youth – with a programme of Capitalism failed and Communism failed hence Islam is the only hope.

It is not because that there is no alternative but because there are organised armed revolutionary struggles world over, these imperialists and revolutionary counter-revolutionary attempts are being made. National Liberation Struggles such as Palestine and Kashmir, Revolutionary Struggles and advances such as the Central and Eastern India, Philippines and Turkey and various democratic struggles for protect the natural wealth and the labour are surging all over the world as the imperialist globalisation at global level and in India are entering into a fascist stage.

The development theory twined with genocide politics in Gujarat in 2002 has reached its ugly shape at central level in 2014 with the combination of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah and the imperialist RSS and BJP combine. The programmes like Make in India, Digitilisation, Acche Din Ayega with the Hindutva programmes of Ghar Wapsi, Common Civil Code and Ban on Beef have introduced the Feudal brahmanical Hindutva agenda along with imperialist globalisation band wagon.

The Third phase of Greenhunt Operation with an audacity to finish the Maoist movement in Dandakarnya by the end of 2016 with a programme of Mission 2016 has turned into a Genocide of Adivasis in Central and Eastern India. Resisting this today the democratic aspirations are to Save Bastar and uphold the self-reliant and the sovereign rule of people under Janathana Sarkar.

The aspirations for Azadi in Kashmir, and Manipur and Nagaland, and different parts of North East are being ruthlessly crushed under the Special Power Act of Armed Forces. In recent days more than 50 youth of Kashmir were ruthlessly killed by the Armed Forces and thousands injured and maimed just because they have come out in hundreds and thousands protesting against the false encounter killing of Burhan Wali.

Dalits all over the country particularly in Gujarat and UP are being attacked and killed with the pretext that they are eating beef or doing the leather work with the dead cattle.

Various democratic struggles in the different parts of the country including Telangana and Andhra Pradesh against the displacement of the oppressed castes and classes and the land grabbing of the peasants in the name of development is met with severe repression.

Privatisation of defense, railways and such important sectors and entry of the foreign universities and the closure of public sector is not only causing a huge number of youth being unemployed, but has become a threat to the sovereignty of the people itself.

Hence the RDF calls upon the people and genuine democrats to wage a relentless struggle against this imperialist and Hindutva forces, steadfastly in solidarity with the revolutionary and democratic struggles, boycotting the Social Forum which is nothing but ‘Human Face’ of imperialist globalisation.

Varavara Rao

General Secretary
Raj Kishore

Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF), Hyderabad, 30 July 2016

India: Revolutionary intellectual-activist GN Saibaba abducted by police

May 10, 2014

Rise! Resist! Liberate!
Revolutionary Democratic Front [RDF]

Condemn the dastardly clandestine abduction of Dr. GN Saibaba, Joint-Secretary of RDF, by the Maharashtra Police!

Today, the 9th of May, plain-clothed personnel of the Maharashtra Police abducted Dr. GN Saibaba while he was returning home from Daulat Ram College in Delhi University after examination duty. Dr. Saibaba, who suffers from 90% disability and is on a wheelchair, was blindfolded and pushed into a vehicle. After this secretive arrest of Dr Saibaba from within the university premises, it is believed he is being taken to Gadchiroli in Maharashtra by flight. None of his family members were informed and after repeated efforts to contact him, the driver of his vehicle informed the family of his abduction. This stealthy and dastardly abduction of a university professor smacks of the desperation of the Maharashtra police and violates the basic human right of an upstanding, democratic voice in this country. This abduction, it is believed, to be with regards to a fabricated case filed by the Maharashtra police that subsequently conducted a raid and an interrogation at Dr. Saibaba’s residence on the 12th of September and 7th of January respectively. During both the raid and the interrogation, Dr. Saibaba and his family extended their full cooperation with the police and intelligence forces. This abduction by Maharashtra Police reflects the extent to which the police can stoop to rake up false charges in fabricated cases and implicate voices that speak up for the democratic rights of people.

President of RDF in Uttarakhand, Jeevan Chandra, was similarly picked up on 5th of May in Uttarakhand. The charges against him were that of having connections with the Maoists and calling for the boycott of the elections. RDF strongly condemns the abduction of Dr. Saibaba and the abduction and arrest of Jeevan Chandra by the police force.

RDF calls for a protest demonstration at Maharashtra Sadan on 10th of May (Saturday) at 11 am.

We appeal to revolutionary and democratic individuals and organizations to join in large numbers.

PROTEST DEMONSTRATION against clandestine abduction of Dr. GN Saibaba by Maharashtra Police at Maharashtra Sadan, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, on 10th May (SATURDAY) at 11 am.

Varavara Rao, President, RDF (09676541715) Rajkishore, General Secretary, RDF (09717583539)

Reject Modi-Rahul-Kejriwal to boycott elections!

Reject Modi-Rahul-Kejriwal to boycott elections!
Intensify the revolutionary movement to fight fascism!

India once again is standing on the verge of yet another parliament election. In this election almost every party has made development the central issue. On one hand the Congress is trying to lure the voters through its slogan of Bhavya Bharat Nirman of the past ten years, while BJP is foregrounding Narendra Modi’s Gujarat development model as the ideal for the entire country. A new entrant in this parliamentary farce, the Aam Admi Party is trying to project a corruption free India, as the panacea for all problems. BSP is trying to counter its rivals through its social engineering. Almost all the parliamentary parties are singing the tunes of development and are promising better facilities, of building roads, of providing income generating development and so on and the multi-national ad agencies are given the responsibility of this propaganda. While on one hand Modi’s election campaign, that costs millions of rupees, is being carried out by companies like Worldwide, Soha Square and other such international companies, Congress has selected international companies like Dentsu India, J. Walter Thomas for their propaganda. These companies are doing such a campaign through media management and social media that it seems that the people of the country are waiting for these parliamentary parties to ferry them to the other shore and act as their saviors.

Congress, BJP, AAP: same wines, different bottles: The Congress this time has changed its earlier slogan ‘Adhi roti khayenge, congress ko layenge’(we will remain hungry but vote for Congress), to puri roti kheyenge, 100 din kaam karenge, dawai lenge aur Congress ko jitayenge (We will eat, work for 100 days, get medicines and vote for Congress). While flaunting the legal rights to work for 100 days work under NREGA, Congress perhaps has forgotten that today India surpasses Pakistan, Bangladesh and even sub-Saharan Africa on the question of starvation. The number of children suffering from malnutrition is 40% which is the highest in the entire world. Ten years of Congress rule has only benefited the various companies like that of real estate business, automobile, construction, mobile communication, foreign finance agencies and so on of various imperialist forces. In different states of India lakhs of acres of land has been grabbed at a massive scale from the peasants in name of industrialization. In the name of beautification of cities slums, shops and small factories have been evicted at a massive scale too. The much touted Bhavya bharat nirman of Congress has given the country nothing but starvation, unemployment and displacement. The same is the story of the so-called Gujarat development model. In Gujarat 51.7% of children are victims of malnutrition while only 19% people have got more than 60 days of work under NREGA. The fall in the rate of employment there surpasses the all-India rate. In Gujarat too, despite protests, land has been forcefully grabbed from peasants. In Modi’s regime 16000 indebted peasants, workers and agricultural labourers were forced to commit suicide.

Actually there is a nominal difference between Congress and BJP. There is no fundamental difference in their economic policies. The book that explains Modi’s economic policy called Modinomics, which the BJP hails as a standard book on Modi has itself accepted that Modi’s economic policies are much like that of Congress Finance Minister Chidambaram’s understanding. Both Modi’s Gujarat Development Model and Congress’s Bhavya Bharat Nirman are dependent on the loans taken from imperialist agencies like World Bank or IMF. Today loans form 23.3% of GDP of the country. The country is neck dip in loans worth USD 426 million. Similar situation prevails in Gujarat where the loan of the state has increased from 45000 crores in 2012 to become 1 lakh 38 crore rupees in 2013. Both these models are dangerous for the country. The foreign countries make the state and the central government dance in their tunes with these massive loans. They force the governments to open the floodgates of corporate loot by the MNCs by implementing the policies of liberalization, privatization and globalization which is the root cause of starvation, unemployment and displacement. Since 1990 each and every government had implemented these imperialist policies, be it the Devegowda government or the Atal Behari government.

Recently the Aam Admi Party has entered the theatre of parliamentary politics. On the slogan of a corruption free India, this party is trying to grab its own share of votes on the question of economic policies, AAP leader Aravind Kejriwal has clearly mentioned that, government should have nothing to do with business and that his party is not against capitalism but crony capitalism. If they come to power they will end the inspector raaj and fight for ‘inclusive growth.’ This statement makes it clear that AAP is also in favour of privatizing the public sector and establishing a liberalized free market. They want to implement the policies of LPG more efficiently. These same policies have led to the terrible Bharat nirman of Congress and a filthy Gujarat development model of Modi that was built on corpses of Muslims. Basically there is no fundamental difference between Rahul’s Congress, Modi’s BJP and Kejriwal’s AAP. Their development, good governance and freedom of corruption – all point towards a great doom.

The parliament is a weapon to crush people’s genuine aspirations: The leaders of different colours, sitting in the parliament often sing in the same tune. Thus draconian laws like UAPA get passed in no time in the parliament, without any debate or discussion. The Indian parliament is way ahead of all other parliaments in the world in bringing draconian and anti-people laws and policies and repressing those who oppose them as well as in strangulating democratic rights and aspirations of the masses. Democracy today is limited only to the theatre of elections and for the vote-mongering forces. The people stand only as voters for these parties. The parliament has nothing to do with welfare of the masses, democratic rights, people’s aspirations and needs. Rather the parliament has become a means to repress people’s aspirations. In any case the Indian parliament has very limited rights. The executive decides on various regulations through rules, ordinances, foreign policies, defense policies, tax etc. The Indian parliament has been reduced to a law making institute which passes laws to appease the imperialist interests and the feudal powers and it regularly represses with military might, all the voices of dissent against such laws and policies. Right after the last Loksabha elections the then Home Minister P. Chidambaram unleashed more than 4 lakh paramilitary and armed police forces to crush the revolutionary movement in Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. These forces carried out massacres like the ones in Baseguda and Sadkeguda and killed hundreds of adivasi people, in Chhattisgarh, and other regions even the army has been deployed in the name of training. Lakhs of adivasis were pushed out of their natural inhabitats.

In Maruti Suzuki plant of Gurgaon, 145 workers who were struggling for higher wages have been kept behind bars for the past one and a half years by calling them ‘extremists’. Such repressive steps ensure that workers of other factories too do not raise their voice of protests. Thousands of people of Kudankulam who have been protesting against the Nuclear Plant there have been booked under sedition. In Kashmir and North East the army is regularly slaughtering people who fight for their legitimate rights and they are forced to live a life of affront and insults. The Indian parliament is a breeding ground for forces which regularly oppress dalits, adivasis and women.

In such a way the anti-people government is constantly suppressing the resilient masses who dare to fight its so-called development policies. Under the aegis of the state various vigilante gangs are propped up everywhere. The state is recruiting a section of people in gangs like Salwa Judum, Nagarik Suraksha Samity, Bhairab Bahini, SPOs etc. and they are also used to crush the people’s movements. On the other hand Muslims are held responsible for growing poverty and starvation and they are being branded as ‘terrorists’ and ‘anti-nationals’ and are being witch-hunted and butchered. Thus a fascist model is being built in the state, which is trying to divert the people’s attention from the feudal and imperialist forces who are responsible for the distress of the people and an attempt is being made to divide the people and make them fight each other.

Both Congress and BJP are united on the question of unleashing state repression. The parliament is paving the pathway for a fascist rule. In order to bail out imperialism from its current crisis the government is hell bent on forcefully silencing every voice of dissent against the corporate loot. To intensify the fascist rule, the state is now projecting a dictatorial communal fascist figure like Modi as the new ruler and the entire machinery is being propelled to propagate his sham Gujarat Development model.

Whenever the people make sacrifices and wage valiant struggles to snatch some rights the parliamentary political forces inevitably conspire to finish that off. After decades of struggles the state of Telangana has been formed that is still stained with the blood of thousands of martyrs. The parliamentary parties are ganging up to grab the natural resources of Telangana. The tale of its oppression is yet not over. A great injustice is being done to the people of Telangana in the process of separating it from the Seemandhra. While the residual Andhra Pradesh gets the special status, which is normally given to an extraordinarily backward region, Telangana which has been deliberately kept backward and ravaged by the coastal Andhra ruling cliques in the last seven decades gets no reconstruction package to rebuild the newly formed state.

Only mass movements can fight back fascism and establish real democracy: In Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh the people are resisting the fascist repression and have built the revolutionary people’s government (Janatana Sarkar) at village, area and district levels. The people are evicting the exploitative and looting government from these places and taking the power in their own hands and are establishing people’s rights over their land-forest-natural resources. The people are deciding on several issues that are a part of their lives; they are distributing lands among poor and landless peasants; they are growing vegetables and crops to fight malnutrition; they are making arrangements for health care; they are protecting and regenerating forests; they are facilitating education for illiterates and children; they are doing collective farming and helping poor and medium peasants to avail of seeds and other agricultural technology. The people collectively take decisions and settle disputes. In order to end casteism they encourage inter-caste marriages and inter-dining. They are fighting for a new democracy where equality and justice will prevail for everyone and the fascist rule will dissipate to establish a real democracy where feudal and imperialist onslaught has no place; where the country is self-reliant and democratic.

Some democratic intellectuals and even some parliamentary parties are in an illusion that the AAP will counter and stall the growth of fascism. But history is witness to the fact that fascism could never be stopped through parliamentary road. Since the economic policies of AAP are no different from either Congress or BJP, there is no reason to believe that it will also not unleash a fascist rule on the peasants and workers who are fighting against such anti-people policies. That has been the track record of more or less all Parliamentary left parties as well as regional parties like SP, BSP, Samata Party and others.

The only way to resist fascism is a social revolution by which all the oppressed masses will fight a united battle to overhaul this exploitative ruling classes and establish a self-reliant and democratic country. The parliamentary parties which are attempting to fight fascism are in reality facilitating its growth. So reject flowers-brooms-hands-elephants and all other parliamentary parties and unite with the revolutionary forces to intensify people’s struggle against fascist forces.

Published by Varavara Rao, President (09676541715) and Rajkishore, General Secretary (09717583539) of

Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)


P. K. Vijayan 

                      On 12 September 2013, the university residence of Dr. G N Saibaba, Asst. Professor with the Dept of English, RLA College, DU, was raided by a police team comprising of the Maharashtra police, the Delhi police and personnel of some unidentified intelligence agencies. The “search warrant” for the raid stated that the residence was being used to deposit “stolen property”. As it turned out, the raid was actually to search for any material that would link Dr. Saibaba to the banned CPI (Maoist) party. By their own admission, the police had hoped to establish that Dr. Saibaba was in communication with the Maoist leadership; that he is the coordinator of the urban activities of the said organization; and other such points of culpability.

In the days following this raid, the media have been abuzz with all kinds of “information” provided by the Gadchiroli police, most of which (subtly and not so subtly) imply Dr. Saibaba’s guilt – but none of these reports, and the documents provided by the police that they cite, has actually managed to prove anything conclusively. The obvious reason for this is, of course, that the good doctor is not actually guilty of any of the ridiculous charges – whether of holding “stolen property” or of engaging in “internet chat sessions” with the top leadership of the CPI (Maoist) party! Nevertheless, the whisper-cum-smear campaign being conducted by the police and intelligence agencies in the media, has had enough success for reporters to repeatedly ask Dr. Saibaba whether he is, in fact, in touch with the Maoist leadership; whether he is a member of the central committee of the party as claimed by the police; whether his political activities are in fact aimed at furthering the Maoist cause; etc. One particular refrain amongst some journalists was, “There must be something the police have on him, else why would they come all the way from Gadchiroli to raid his house in Delhi?” In other words, it is clear that the police rumour-mills are working with such zeal to create an atmosphere of suspicion and doubt that (as they hope) when they do attempt to arrest Dr. Saibaba, they will be able to do so on even the flimsiest of grounds, without too much protest in the media. Rather fortunately for Dr. Saibaba, large sections of the media have remained relatively immune to this diabolically Goebbelsian attempt at manipulating it, and through it the public opinion at large.

However, the strength of the Goebbelsian method lies in its persistence: Joseph Goebbels is himself reported to have said that, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” This is neither a new opinion nor one particularly unique to Goebbels: personalities as varied as Vladimir Lenin and George W. Bush have expressed similar views. But Goebbels is reported to have gone on to say (and this is worth quoting in full detail),

The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State. It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas in disguise. Propaganda has only one object, to conquer the masses. Every means that furthers that aim is good; every means that hinders it is bad … You can make a man believe anything if you tell it to him in the right way … Nothing is easier than leading the people on a leash. I just hold up a dazzling campaign poster and they jump through it…The people must begin to think as one unit, react as such, and put themselves at the disposal of the government wholeheartedly…To belabour the people so long until they succumb to us.

This is reportedly an excerpt from The Goebbels Diaries, collected by Ludwig Lochner. Whether or not Goebbels actually said all this, it certainly captures the modus operandi of the Indian state in general, and of the police in this particular instance. There is good reason to believe that, in the absence of any real proof of criminal culpability, the state’s whisper-cum-smear campaign will be persisted with till a suitably hostile environment is created, in the media as well as in the public imagination – then it will swoop in for the kill.

A crucial factor in making this happen is the psychological power of association. It began with the arrests of Hem Mishra and Prashant Rahi in Gadchiroli, on the grounds that they were associated with the Maoists. Because Dr. Saibaba is known to be associated with Hem Mishra, who is alleged to have confessed his association with the Maoists, it ‘naturally’ meant that, by the inexorable logic of association, Dr. Saibaba too was associated with the Maoists. These series of associations are also extended in other ways: by suggesting, for instance, that Dr. Saibaba is known to the arrested Maoist leader Kobad Ghandy; or by highlighting his vociferous criticism of police and paramilitary action, in the name of tackling Maoist ‘insurgency’, against tribal communities in central India. By repeatedly locating Dr. Saibaba in an associative context of Maoist personalities and incidents in the media and in the public realm, a Pavlovian process of conditioning is initiated, whereby even the most critically alert consumers of this propaganda slowly, even in spite of themselves, get conditioned into associating his name with Maoism and the Maoists. Repetitious association gradually overcomes and displaces any empirical or logical challenges to the insinuations and implications registered by the process of association, permitting these to emerge as the ‘truth’.

This is a particularly effective method in a nation in which associational forms like kinship, caste, region, religion, ethnic affiliation, etc., have traditionally been the primary means of identifying and of identification. Not only do these forms locate identity through association, but they also generate specific expectations of conduct, values, affiliations and even social rank through that process of association. Thus for instance, Muslims are often associated with Pakistan, leading to a general expectation of either communalism or anti-nationalism or both from this mythologized figure. In short, this particular process of association is intended to generate prejudice through the production of a mythology of associations. In this particular instance, the mythology is not that of “Islamic terror” but of the new “threat to national security” in the form of the “red terror” of Maoism. By locating Dr. Saibaba in this mythology, it is quickly forgotten that he is also identified by his colleagues and students as a dedicated and committed teacher; as an active and engaged researcher in Dalit literature; as an activist of long standing and considerable repute, nationally and internationally, on issues of human, democratic and civil rights; and as a vocal and insistent defender of the rights of tribal communities to their land and livelihood – in short, as a person with an identity and a public image completely at odds with that being constructed for him now by the police and the intelligence agencies.

The last sphere of his involvement is of particular significance: tribal lands have been under threat for several years now, ever since Indian and multinational corporates turned their collective rapacious gaze on the wealth of minerals and other resources that lie buried under tribal lands. It is now a well-known fact that hundreds of MoUs were illegally signed by the Indian government with a host of such corporates, to permit them access to these lands to mine and expropriate the minerals – illegally, because these lands are under the protection of the Fifth Schedule of the Constitution. The only obstacle to what has been described by a Government of India report critical of the government’s own policies, as “the biggest grab of tribal lands after Columbus”, is the resistance by the tribal communities themselves. This resistance has taken many forms, only one of which is the armed resistance of the Maoists. But by labeling them all Maoists, and by associating any form of protest with Maoism, the powers that be have aimed to undermine all forms of protest. This has now taken on a note of urgency: after all, next year is election year.

Dr. Saibaba is the latest victim of this policy of undermining all opposition as “guilty by association” – but he is certainly not the first to suffer from this politics: another good doctor, Dr. Binayak Sen too was one such vociferous protester, and worked actively to bring medical help to the abjectly poor and backward tribal communities. He too was subjected to precisely this form of character-assassination and then found guilty of being a “Maoist sympathizer”. The state then proceeded to level so many charges against him that this good doctor now, although out on bail after several years in jail, has withdrawn completely from public life, and is spending his time in legal battles. The state has effectively silenced him. No doubt Dr. Saibaba too faces the same future. These two individuals are themselves only the more well-known of thousands of others, mostly tribal people but many non-tribals too, who have been implicated in false cases, arrested on fabricated charges, held without proper legal defence, and in many cases, subjected to brutal custodial torture. The case of Soni Sori, who too was similarly charged and subjected to savage rape and torture in custody, is a vivid reminder of the viciousness with which the state can act.

Dr. Saibaba happens to suffer from 90% physical disability: he would be particularly vulnerable to such viciousness. It would be easy to forget this, along with many of the other ways in which he is defined as an individual much respected and liked in his community of students and peers, as well as admired for the courage and forthrightness with which he has spoken and written on a variety of issues, including communalism, caste injustice, reservation policies, gender and sexual violence, etc., and not just against the excesses of the state. If his voice is silenced, especially through the diabolical process of constructing a mythology around him that will render ineffective any proof positive to the contrary, it will be a sad day for democracy in India. The fight to protect the rights and liberties of Dr. Saibaba must in this sense be understood as an important battle in the larger war against precisely this form of villification and demonization, which permits the state to manipulate the opinions and perceptions of its subjects.

(Published in the website of Economic and Political Weekly)

Dr Saibaba on the interrogation

Press Release

The Maharashtra Police interrogated me at my residence, on 9 January 2014, for over four hours, from 1.00 pm onward. They sought information and clarifications regarding my political activity, as well as my academic interests. I extended my cooperation to the fullest, and answered their doubts and questions to the best of my abilities, and without any restraint. I hope that I have satisfactorily addressed all their concerns, and that the matter will be laid to rest now.

Dr. G N Saibaba

Call to Assemble against Continued Police Harassment of Dr. G.N. Saibaba

Call to Assemble against Continued Police Harassment of Dr. G.N. Saibaba

(Press Release: 8 January 2014)

Maharashtra Police to Interrogate Dr Saibaba on 9 January 2014 at 1pm at his residence


The DUTA expresses its concern and apprehension on being informed about the interrogation of  Dr. GN Saibaba, a teacher in the English Department of Ram Lal Anand College of the University of Delhi, scheduled and then subsequently re-scheduled by Maharashtra Police for the 9th of January 2014 (Thursday) at 1 pm at his residence within the university premises. The interrogation was originally planned on the 7th of January but on the evening before the interrogation, the Investigating Officer (IO) canceled that appointment for unspecified reasons. One day later, we have been informed that the officer has now insisted on rescheduling this interrogation to the 9th of January.


We understand that he will be questioned as part of an on-going enquiry by the Maharashtra Police since September 2013. This interrogation follows a raid conducted by a team comprising the Maharashtra and Delhi police on the 12th of September 2013. This raid was conducted on the basis of a misleading search warrant that stated the ‘recovery of stolen propety’. Neither the nature of the stolen property nor the case number were mentioned in the search warrant. The objects confiscated in the raid were clearly the personal property of Dr. Saibaba and taken in unsealed condition leaving it open to the possibility of tampering with the material. Since the raid, which was conducted in contravention with the due process of enquiry, Dr. Saibaba has faced continuous harassment in the form of imminent threat of arrest as well as a full-fledged smear campaign in the media conducted by the police. This smear campaign has repeatedly attempted to portray Dr. Saibaba as someone who has committed offences against the state by speaking for the oppressed and marginalised across the country.


The raid was followed by a summons sent by the Maharashtra police to Dr. Saibaba to appear for interrogation ‘anywhere outside Delhi’ or in Nagpur as part of the enquiry. After an appeal was sent to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to look into the raid and the summons, the NHRC sent notices to the Commissioner of Police, Delhi and DGP of Maharashtra to answer for asking a physically challenged person to present himself in this manner. The NHRC clearly cited the law that states that persons with disabilities need not present themselves anywhere outside their residence.


In light of these police claims and charges, it is clear that Dr. Saibaba is in no way involved with the case under enquiry. This fact is of serious concern for DUTA. A member of the university community has been facing continuous harassment by the police over four months. This repeated rescheduling of the interrogation and disregard for the commitments of a teacher in this university is intended to put pressure on Dr. Saibaba and continue the harassment of his family. This is indicative of the targeting of democratic voices and is a clear violation of human rights of the professor concerned. It reflects the deep erosion of civil liberties enshrined in our Constitution.


The DUTA expresses anguish at the continuous harassment of Dr. Saibaba and extends its fullest support to him and his family in this time as well as in his struggle for speaking for the most oppressed and marginalized people. Since he has expressed full cooperation with the investigation and agreed to clear all doubts and misgivings that the investigating officers may have, the DUTA demands that the Maharashtra police will extend all courtesies to a law abiding professor of this university and not persist in harassing him. Furthermore, the DUTA hopes that the police will honour their word, keep to their commitments and consider the busy academic schedule of Dr. Saibaba.


The DUTA appeals to all the teachers to be present in large numbers at Dr. Saibaba’s residence, Warden’s Flat, Gwyer Hall, University Road, Delhi University to express our support and solidarity and keep a vigil on any possible intimidation, harassment and arbitrary action by the Maharashtra and Delhi police with regards to Dr. Saibaba, his wife and teenage daughter. We will gather at the Warden’s Flat, Gwyer Hall from 12 noon onwards on Thursday, 9th January 2014.



(Nandita Narain)                                                                                      (Harish Khanna)

President, DUTA                                                                                    Secretary, DUTA


URGENT NOTICE: The Investigating Officer to interrogate Dr. GN Saibaba has rescheduled.

The Investigating Officer to interrogate Dr. GN Saibaba, Mr. Suhas P. Bawache, has informed at 6:40 pm on the 6th of January (TODAY) that the interrogation has to be rescheduled. This last minute rescheduling and the insistence on interrogation over the coming weekend must now be seen as part of the effort to continue to put pressure on Dr. Saibaba and intensify the harassment of his family. In light of this, we urge everyone to stand in solidarity with Dr. Saibaba and continue the vigil. The rescheduled date to converge at his residence will be informed soon. Please spread this message widely.

Dehli University Teachers Associations statement on the interrogation of Saibaba

Call to Assemble against Continued Police Harassment of Dr. G.N. Saibaba

(Press Release: 4 January 2014)

The DUTA expresses its concern and apprehension on being informed about the interrogation of Dr. GN Saibaba, a teacher in the English Department of Ram Lal Anand College of the University of Delhi, scheduled by Maharashtra Police on the 7th of January 2014 (Tuesday) at 11 am at his residence within the university premises. We have been informed that he is going to be questioned as part of an enquiry carried on by the Maharashtra Police since September 2013. This interrogation follows a raid conducted by a team comprising the Maharashtra and Delhi police on the 12th of September 2013. The raid was conducted on the basis of a misleading search warrant that stated the ‘recovery of stolen property’. The objects confiscated in the raid were clearly the personal property of Dr. Saibaba and taken in unsealed condition leaving it open to the possibility of tampering with the materials. Since the raid, which was conducted in contravention with the due process of enquiry, Dr. Saibaba has faced continuous harassment in the form of imminent threat of arrest as well as a full-fledged smear campaign in the media conducted by the police forces. This smear campaign has repeatedly attempted to portray Dr. Saibaba as someone who has committed offences against the state by speaking for the oppressed and marginalised across the country.


After the raid, the Maharashtra police called Dr. Saibaba to come ‘anywhere outside Delhi’ or to Nagpur for interrogation as part of the enquiry. This was followed by an intervention by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) sending a notice to the Maharashtra and Delhi police asking them to respond for asking a physically challenged person to present himself in this manner despite the law clearly stating that such a person need not present himself anywhere outside his residence.

Furthermore, these charges are part of an ongoing investigation and Dr. Saibaba is in no way involved with the case. This fact is of serious concern for the DUTA. Not only is this in violation of the human rights of the professor concerned but is also indicative of the deep erosion of civil liberties enshrined in our Constitution. The DUTA expresses anguish at the continuous harassment of Dr. Saibaba and extends its fullest support to him and his family in this time as well as in his struggle for speaking for the most oppressed and marginalized people. Since he has expressed full cooperation with the investigation and agreed to clear all doubts and misgivings that the investigating officers may have, the DUTA demands that the Maharashtra police will extend all courtesies to a law abiding professor of this university and not persist in harassing him.


The DUTA appeals to all the teachers to be present in large numbers at Dr. Saibaba’s residence, Warden’s Flat, Gwyer Hall, University Road, Delhi University to express our support and solidarity and keep a vigil on any possible intimidation, harassment and arbitrary action by the Maharashtra and Delhi police with regards to Dr. Saibaba, his wife and teenage daughter. We will gather at the Warden’s Flat, Gwyer Hall at 10.30 am on Tuesday, 7th January 2014.



(Nandita Narain)                                                                                      (Harish Khanna)

President, DUTA                                                                                    Secretary, DUTA

Condemn the political assassination of Telangana People’s Leader Akula Bhoomaiah!

Rise!                        Resist!                        Liberate!

Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)


Press Statement, 26 December 2013

Condemn the political assassination of Telangana People’s Leader Akula Bhoomaiah!

Boomaiah’s murder is a preplanned act of Seemandhra leaders and bureaucrats!

Senior Telangana people’s leader Akula Bhoomaiah was brutally murdered by the state actors in Hyderabad on Tuesday night (24th of December) at 9:45 pm. Bhoomaiah was returning from the local Press Club at Basheerbagh after a book launch on Telangana when a mysterious Garbage Tipping Van of the Municipal Corporation waiting at Vidyanagar first hit his scooter dislodging him and then ran over him till he died. This was witnessed by the people who live in the vicinity. They then promptly caught the driver who was attempting to flee after ensuring Bhoomaiah’s death. On being taken to the nearby police station and after repeated enquiries by democratic rights activists, it became clear that he was neither the regular driver of that van and nor was he supposed to be in that job. Perhaps, he was employed solely for the purpose of killing Bhoomaiah and to make it look like an accident. It is clear that not just was it no accident but was a premeditated act of murder of a man who was the President of the Telangana Praja Front (TPF).


Akula Bhoomaiah was a longstanding leader of the teacher’s movement in Andhra Pradesh. In fact, he never limited himself to the teacher’s movement and actively participated in all social and revolutionary movements of the people in Telangana since the 1960s. As a student, he participated actively in the first phase of the separate Telangana movement in late 1960s. Why did the coastal Andhra ruling clique choose to assassinate Bhoomaiah now? Bhoomaiah and his organization, the Telangana People’s Front, not just stood for the separation movement for the statehood of Telangana, but also for the people of all oppressed classes and communities including adivasis, strove for their equal share in land and resources and fought for their democratic rights along with their right to statehood. This is not a stand taken by any other political force in Telangana. Though Telangana People’s Front’s perspective is singularly and deeply democratic in nature, all ruling class parties of Telangana, including Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), failed to adopt this democratic stand despite sometimes working in alliance with the TPF. But it is the ruling class cliques and their exploitative leadership of the coastal Andhra region that have been deeply irked by the slogan of democratic Telangana. Therefore, most leaders of the people’s organizations in Telangana have openly expressed that Bhoomaiah’s death is not an accident but a premeditated assassination planned and executed by the coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema ruling clique.


Akula Bhoomaiah was born in 1948 in the village of Kabapur in Pedapalli block of Karimnagar district of Telangana. When he was studying for his PUC, he was deeply inspired by the people’s movement for Telangana and participated in the first phase of the militant separate Telangana statehood movement in 1969-70. He organized the students of his college in Karimnagar as part of the ‘Andhra Go Back’ movement. He was arrested and sent to jail as part of this struggle. When the separate statehood movement was suppressed, his attention turned to the class struggle in Telangana and he studied Marxist philosophy. He took up a job as a teacher in 1973 but was arrested soon after that in 1975 during the period of Emergency. When he came out of prison in 1977, he started organizing teachers in Panchayat Raj Teachers Union (PRTU) till 1983. After this, Andhra Pradesh Teachers Federation (APTF) was initiated in Telangana. Along with others, Bhoomaiah played a crucial role as a leader in building a strong and militant teacher’s movement in Telangana.


Bhoomaiah was a voracious reader and a prolific writer. As a teacher and leader of the teacher’s movement that involved lakhs of teachers, he was well known as a friend, philosopher and guide to tens of thousands. He wrote numerous documents, articles, books and booklets in his 40 years of tireless struggle for the oppressed people of Telangana. Through his in-depth study of the most backward regions of the state, he provided the correct direction and perspective to these movements. In December 1997, All India People’s Resistance Forum (AIPRF) organized a two-day convention and a massive rally and public meeting where more than half a million people from all districts of Telangana participated. That was the largest mobilization of people for Telangana and set the stage for the second phase of the separate statehood movement wherein the historic Warangal Declaration was passed by the people. The Warangal Declaration founded the concept of a democratic Telangana and defined the Telangana movement not merely as a regional movement but as a nationality movement notwithstanding the one language spoken across the regions of Andhra Pradesh. Bhoomaiah participated and enriched the debate during the convention and public meeting and also took the spirit of the movement ahead and founded the Telangana Janasabha. From then on the Telangana Janasabha stood as the guiding star of the movement and brought it to its present stage, fighting all deviations brought in by various political parties.


Bhoomaiah was elected as the convener of the Telangana Janasabha. He traveled across the ten districts of Telangana and built the Janasabha amidst the worst phases of repression faced by all the people’s organizations in Andhra Pradesh under the regime of Chandrababu Naidu. At this time, Telangana cultural activists like Belli Lalita in Nalgonda district and Ravinder Reddy in Karimnagar were brutally murdered by the state government. The Chandrababu Naidu government forced an undeclared ban on the Telangana Janasabha by killing its activists like Kanakachari, who was Bhoomaiah’s fellow teacher and crusader for the statehood of Telangana, in Mahboobnagar district. In these circumstances, Bhoomaiah started a broad united front on Telangana called Telangana Aikya Karyacharana Committee (Telangana United Activities Committee). He wanted the support of the CPI (Maoist) in this movement. In this effort, two of the activists close to Bhoomaiah were killed in a fake encounter after being captured by the police while Bhoomaiah narrowly escaped. In October 2010, along with Gaddar, Bhoomaiah forged Telangana Praja Front which has spearheaded the people’s movement for separate statehood of Telangana till date. The last four years have been a tumultuous period for the people of Telangana as it saw betrayal after betrayal by the all ruling class parties even as the whole of Telangana was turned into a battlefield and captured by the state police forces. It is during this crucial period that Telangana People’s Front played a crucial role under the leadership of Bhoomaiah thwarting every betrayal and awakening the people against all conspiracies and Chanakya like intrigues of the ruling parties to permanently suppress the idea of Telangana.


However, Bhoomaiah’s role as a leader, activist and thinker was not limited to Telangana. He played a crucial role in an all India anti-imperialist movement by joining all India fronts like anti-WTO forum called JAFIF – an anti-imperialist movement, Forum Against Imperialist Globalisation (FAIG) and later in Mumbai Resistance in 2004 and People’s Democratic Front of India. He traveled across many states and participated, guided and spoke in innumerous public meetings, seminars and struggles. In the last one decade, Bhoomaiah was under the shadow of threat of murder by the state forces. He received such threats and calls several times and was even kidnapped once from his Adikmet office of Telangana Janasabha. Each time Bhoomaiah faced these state sponsored attacks, he boldly confronted them and even succeeded in evading attacks with deft tactics. This time, the marauding killers came in a la Latin American style in the shape of the city municipality garbage van driver. This is a new style increasingly followed in the last two decades to assassinate people’s leaders and activists by passing it off as accidental deaths or deaths by private actors.


The remotest possible link in the chain was used to assassinate Bhoomaiah at a time when the state government ceased to function after the Central cabinets decision to form Telangana State. All the ministers, including the Chief Minister, have stopped the business of governance and are now indulging in Mafia like elimination of the voices of the people to thwart the formation of the Telangana state. In the ensuing anarchy, the ruling class clique of politicians and bureaucrats of Coastal Andhra saw an opportunity to take everything into their own hands and have focused their targets on people’s leaders like Ganti Prasadam on the 4th of June and now Akula Bhoomaiah on 24th of December. Ganti Prasadam, our all India Vice-President who hailed from North Andhra – a region purposefully kept backward by the coastal Andhra comprador-feudal classes, was brutally killed by the same state forces who have now taken the life of Bhoomaiah as part of their effort to spread fear among the people and rake up the anti-Telangana movement. It is no coincidence that within 6 months of Ganti Prasadam’s killing another people’s leader was assassinated at a time when the parameters – form and shape of politics is being decided for Telangana. It is a great loss for the people of Telangana that they have lost a leader who guided them throughout the second phase and the concluding period of the Telangana struggle. There are still many forces to be defeated and a long road ahead to realize the dream of democratic Telangana envisioned by the people over many decades. The assassination of Bhoomaiah is not only a loss for this vision of democratic Telangana, but for all revolutionary and democratic people everywhere in the subcontinent.


Varavara Rao                                                                                                 G N Saibaba

President (09676541715)                                                                     Joint Secretary