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INVITATION FOR PRESS-MEET       To, Editor/Reporter ____________________ Newspaper/ TV Channel New Delhi   Two major people’s organisations, All India People’s Resistance Forum (AIPRF) and Struggling Forum for People’s Resistance (SFPR), that have a considerable mass base across the country are merged to form Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) in a joint executive meeting held […]


PRESS RELEASE 23RD MAY, 2005 NEW DELHI   UNITY DECLARATION All India People’s Resistance Forum (AIPRF) & Struggling Forum for People’s Resistance (SFPR) merge and form Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) In the joint executive meeting held on 20th May, 2005, the ‘Struggling Forum for People’s Resistance’ (SFPR) & ‘All India People’s Resistance Forum’ (AIPRF) decided to merge in a […]