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Delhi: 19.8.2005


The Reddy Government of Andhra Pradesh has banned CPI (Maoist) along with many democratic and revolutionary organizations and started a crackdown on the cadres and leaders of the revolutionary democratic movement. Condemning the arrest of Varvara Rao, the revolutionary poet, the Revolutionary Democratic Front of India (RDF) has strongly criticized the state and central governments for reverting to unbridled and naked terror tactics to scuttle the ongoing revolutionary struggles of the oppressed and exploited vast masses of the country. The ban which was imposed on 17th August, 2005 has come after the failure of the state to cow down the revolutionary movement and leadership through talks. The talks between the revolutionary communists and the state had broken down in January 2005 because the state was not ready to genuinely look into the massive problems of the people and unwilling to take any steps to ameliorate them. Instead, it sought to destroy the revolutionary movement by making it to throw down arms and become part of the same oppressive system which had forced it to take up arms against it.


The RDF states that it is a desperate act on the part of the Andhra government after it failed to achieve its immoral objective through talks. The renewed fascist onslaught on the revolutionary and democratic movement will not be able to stop the march of revolutionary forces towards liberation from oppression, exploitation and state violence which is being perpetrated with all the despicable undemocratic and autocratic means. The ban only further exposes the truth that the state of India is undemocratic and anti-people in essence and is a servile agent of the imperialists as it looks after the interests of the imperialist masters and their MNCs and TNCs.

The state of Andhra, whether under the Telgu Desam or Congress Party has been ruthlessly unleashing oppression against the revolutionary and democratic movement. Two and a half decades of naked terror have been unable to break the resolve of the movement and the movement again will prove its mettle against the current onslaught.


The RDF calls on the revolutionary, democratic and progressive forces and the toiling masses of the country to take up the challenge thrown by the government and launch a wide reaching protest movement against the draconian act of ban. The RDF declares it to be a criminal act of the state not only against the banned organisations which include CPI (Maoist), Radical Youth League, Radical Students Union, Raitu Coolie Sangham, Singareni Karmika Samakhya, Viplava Karmika Samakhya, All India Revolutionary Students Federation, and Revolutionary Writers Association but on all the toiling and justice loving people of the country. It demands immediate and unconditional revocation of the ban orders on the CPI(Maoist) and all other mass revolutionary organisations. It also demands the unconditional and immediate release of Varvara Rao, the well known poet. It calls on the people to assert their democratic right to protest and the right of the conscience to support the revolution and revolutionary organisations of the people.



Khagen Das, President (RDF) RajkishorGeneral Secretary (RDF)


Issued by: Dr. Darshan Pal, Vice President (RDF), Street No.8, Punia Colony, Sangrur, Punjab





By Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee

International League of Peoples’ Struggle



We, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, condemn in the strongest terms the Reddy Government of Andhra Pradesh for banning many democratic and revolutionary organizations together with the Communist Party of India (Maoist), for undertaking brutal repressive actions against the cadres and mass activists of the revolutionary democratic movement and for arresting the revolutionary poet Varvara Rao.
In this regard, we join the Revolutionary Democratic Front of India in criticizing and condemning the central and state governments for reverting to naked terror tactics against the ongoing revolutionary struggle of the oppressed and exploited people. The ban imposed on 17th August 2005 is a callous act of desperation of the state after failing to hoodwink and intimidate the people with the malicious slogan of “peace talks or else”.
The talks had broken down because the reactionary state is unwilling to address the root causes of the civil war, to take up basic reforms and to accord the revolutionary negotiators with safety and immunity guarantees. The reactionary state is merely interested in seeking the disarming and capitulation of the revolutionary forces and people led by CPI (Maoist).
The anti-democratic ban and fascist onslaughts can only further incite the revolutionary forces and people of India to wage people’s war in order to achieve national and social liberation against the semicolonial and semifeudal system. The state of India is further exposed as an instrument of oppression and exploitation and as a shameless puppet of the imperialists and their multinational corporations.
We call on all participating organizations of the ILPS and all friendly organizations and personages in the world to express, in the form of statements and protest mass actions, solidarity with and support for the democratic organizations and individuals under fascist attack in India and demand that their democratic rights be respected and that the onslaughts against them be ended. We are united with the Indian people in undertaking a mass movement to protest the fascist ban and raise democratic demands.
We demand that the reactionary state lift its fascist ban and stop its criminal acts not only against the CPI (Maoist), Radical Youth League, Radical Students Union, Raitu Coolie Sangham, Singareni Karmika Samakhya, Viplava Karmika Samakhya, All India RevolutionaryStudents Federation and Revolutionary Writers Association but also against all the broad masses of the Indian people. We likewise demand the unconditional and immediate release of Varvara Rao, the well-known poet and leader of the people.
The real terrorists in the world are the US and other imperialist powers launching wars of aggression and pushing their puppet states to carry out the rule of open terror. They use their wholesale terrorism in order to plunder the world and shackle the working people to a life of poverty and misery. Thus, the ILPS is always urging the people of the world to rise up and assert their national and democratic rights against imperialism and the local reactionaries.


Invitation for Delhi Meeting

Invitation for Delhi Meeting





(The Member of the Co-ordination Team for Raipur Convention)


Dear Comrade,

In the last meeting of Dhanbad, we decided to hold our next meeting in Delhi on 3rd– 4th Sept.2005. The venue of the meeting is Ambedkar Bhawan , Rani Jhansi Road, New Delhi. It is about 2 k.m. from New Delhi Railway Station nearVediocon Tower. You can take Bus no. 166&181 from the Railway Station and drop at the bus stop of Paharganj P.S. to reach the venue of the meeting.

We will start the meeting at 11 a.m., so please try to come to Delhi in the morning of 3rd Sept. 2005.


The agenda of the meeting are as follows:

  1. Reporting from states,
  2. Discussion on papers and finalization,
  3. Propaganda Materials : Leaflet &Poster,
  4. Fund &
  5. Any other matters.


With revolutionary greetings.


RDF Condemns Dhanbad Arrests


Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)

Contact: 67A, Rameshwar Nagar, Azadpur, Delhi – 100 033

Phone: 011-27675001





11 August 2005

RDF Condemns Dhanbad Arrests


Dear Friends,

Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) strongly condemns the illegal arrest of five activists of different mass organizations, viz., 1. Jeetan Marandi, the Executive Committee Member of RDF. 2. B P. Rakshit, Labour Leader of Jharkhand. 3. Animesh, Labour Leader of Jharkhand 4. Sunil, the Office Secretary of Mazdoor Sangathan Samiti, Katras and 5. Rajender Mahato, the Local Labour Activist.


All of them were picked up, without any warrant of arrest, by Dhanbad police from the Mazadoor Sangathan Samiti office of Katras (Dhanbad, Jharkhand), on 29th July, 2005, when they were holding their regular meeting. It is to note that Mazdoor Sangathan Samiti and its office are duly registered by Govt. of Jharkhand. The police seized some of the files and literatures of the office and implicated them under some sections of 17 CLA, a draconian Act enacted by the British colonialists. They were illegally put in the police custody for three days, violating the mandatory direction of the Supreme Court of India. During interrogation process, some of them were subjected to physical torture. Owing to the pressure from different democratic circles, the police had to produce them in the court after three days. The court has sent them to Dhanbad Jail, where they are being treated like criminals by the jail authority.


With an active cooperation of central government, the BJP led government in Jharkhand is creating a rein of terror, treating each and every democratic movement as terrorist activity. It is using the draconian 17 CLA, on wide scale, as an instrument to curb the democratic voice of the people. Widespread raids and arrests have become normal phenomenon in different areas of struggle.


We demand the immediate release of the 5 arrested political activists and the withdrawal of false cases implicated against them. We appeal all the democratic people and organizations to raise the strong voices against raid in the office of Mazdoor Sangathan Samiti and the arrests of the political activists.


With Regards,


Raj Kishor, General Secretary,Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)


Dr. Darshan Pal,Voice President,Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)