Resolution on the peoples’ movements in West Asia and the Arab World

By | April 22, 2012

Resolution on the peoples’ movements in West Asia and the Arab World


The peoples’ upsurge in the Arab World has shown the fault-lines of the worldwide economic tyranny of imperialism and has shaken the foundations of many a dictatorial anti-people rulers. However, this democratic upsurge has not merely been targeted against their own governments, but is also against imperialism. The worldwide economic tyranny designed by US Treasury and imposed by US Agency for International Development, IMF, WTO and World Bank have ensured that even relatively rich countries like Egypt are pauperised, with half the population earning less than $2 a day.


From Tunisia in January 2011 the desert storm of people’s upsurge had set across the entire Arab world. From Tahrir Square in Egypt to Algeria, Bahrain, Sudan, Yemen, etc. massive protests shook the comprador, autocratic regimes most of which are mere stooges of US imperialism. Although the corporate and imperialist media are forced to talk about these massive protests and their attempts to overhaul the ruling classes in Tunisia and Egypt, the anti-imperialist and anti-neoliberal aspect of these protests are being carefully hidden and the uprisings are only attributed merely to the misrule and corruption of the head of the states. These protests with their anti-imperialist character and overwhelming participation of women demolished all the vulgar stereotypes of the Muslim world trumpeted by the propaganda machinery of the so-called ‘war against terror’ led by US imperialism.


As it became impossible for the imperialists to continue their support to Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak etc. on the face of militant peoples’ movements, they removed these puppets in the name of ‘democratic reforms’, but ensured that political power remain in the hands of the old ruling classes. For this consideration, the US and its European allies supported the Egyptian military’s hold over state power, while in Tunisia another puppet has been put in place of the old ruler. This is how imperialism has tried to stifle and divert the peoples’ aspiration for a fundamental social and political transformation in the countries of West Asia.


At the same time, by taking advantage of the growing anger of the Arab people against their ruling classes, imperialism has tried to manufacture dissent and foment imperialist-funded and sponsored ‘movements’. By following a longstanding policy, the US and its allies have toppled or tried to topple the governments of various countries in Asia, Africa and South America through overt and covert means, and have aimed to replace them with puppet regimes through the so-called colour revolutions. In Libya we have witnessed last year in the manner which the US and European imperialist powers conducted an all out war on the government led by Gaddhafi. NATO alliance used planes to bomb Libya indiscriminately, landed secret Special Forces, trained and armed mercenary vigilante gangs, killed thousands of Libyan citizens and by propping up armed militias to fight their government. The US government and its intelligence agencies have been actively planning and executing coups, and fomenting anti-government ‘movements’ in countries like Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Russia and other countries. Along with Israel, the US has gone to the extent of assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists in a planned bid to destroy the nuclear programme of that country. Now the US is leading an international campaign to prepare the grounds for an imperialist military assault on Iran and North Korea. The Indian ruling classes on their part have abandoned even the fig-leaf of ‘non-alignment’ and are acting as the agents of the US by supporting its every act of aggression on sovereign countries and their governments.


It is the right of people to decide about the nature of their government and their state. Imperialism must be stopped from toppling governments of other countries under any pretext – be it in the name of ‘War on Terror’ or ‘establishing democratic governments’. RDF hails the people’s upsurges in the Arab world and expresses its full solidarity with the struggling people fighting tooth and nail the mighty forces of imperialism and the feudal/monarchic ruling classes who have lived the time and space that post-World War II inter-imperialist arrangements have provided them. We must resist this imperialist war in solidarity with the people of West Asia. It is the people of the Arab world who will finally shape their future through anti-feudal and anti-imperialist struggles.